Dr. Joseph S. Goldfarb Award

The Dr. Joseph S. Goldfarb Award is given on the basis that the recipient is recognized by his/her peers to have made a significant contribution during their professional career in the field of environmental Health in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The following guidelines are used by the Awards Committee in the selection of nominees. These guidelines are subject to change from time to time:

1. The nominee should be a member of The Massachusetts Environmental Health Association in good standing.
2. The nominee should be a Registered Sanitarian in Massachusetts or other jurisdiction.
3. The nominee should have been engaged in the field for at least three years.
4. The name of the nominee shall be submitted to the committee for evaluation at least sixty days before the Annual Meeting.
5. The Award can be given to the recipient only once.

Year: Recipient
1973: Edward F. M. Wong
Year: Recipient
2000: Joel Hollis
1974: Harold D. Rose
2001: Patrick Maloney
1975: Karol Wisnieski
2002: George Smith
1976: Daniel Milano
2003: James White
1977: Clarence L. Edwards
2004: John McNally
1978: Tracy I. Flagg
2005: Jeffery Jerzyck and Steven Ward
1979: Vartkes "Vic" K. Karian
2006: Mike Moore
1980: John Bricket
2007: Robert Cooper
1981: Walter Irvine Jr.
2008: Deborah M. Rosati
1982: John Canning
2009: Regina Hanson
1983: Leo H. DeCoteau
2010: Larry Ramdin
1984: John Carr
2011: Heidi Porter
1985: Phyllis Boucher
2012: Gerrard F. Cody
1986: Edward O'Hara
2013: Michael Blanchard
1987: Steven Calichman
2014: Gary Perlman
1988: Eileen Andrews and Jay Walsh
2015: Daniel Ottenheimer
1989: Robert Jacques
2016: Paul Halfman
1990: Howard Wensley
1991: MDPH - Div of Food & Drugs
1992: Paula Champagne
1993: MDPH - Bureau of Env Health Assessment
1994: Dr. Gregory Connolly
1995: Sen's Lois Pines,Lucille Hicks,Rep Carmen Buell
1996: J. David Naparstek
1997: Dr. David Mulligan
1998: George Young
1999: Gerald Collins




In 1997 the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Environmental Health Association voted to recognized dedicated longstanding member of the Association by creating an award in his honor. The Vartkes "Vic" Karian Award is presented annually to an individual, organization or agency in recognition of outstanding contributions to and support of the practice of environmental health in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It was appropriate that the first awardee was Vartkes "Vic" Karian.

Year: Recipient
Year: Recipient
1998: Vartkes "Vic" K. Karian
2010: MA Bureau Emergency Preparedness, Mary Clark, Director
1999: Scott Harshbarger
2011: Ben Carasco, MBTA Police
2000: John Higgins
2012: Lisa Jackson
2001: Richard Waskiewicz
2013: Diane Bernazzani
2002: Michael Cahill
2014: C. J. Wilson
2003: Mayor Thomas Menino
2015: Charlie Kaniecki
2004: Suzanne Condon
2016: Charlie Baker
2005: Mike Ciota
2006: BU School of Public Health Alliance
2007: Mass Public Health Association
2008: Commissioner John Auberach
2009: David Henley



In tribute to Bob Periello for the many years of service and accomplishment during a career over thirty years of Public Health and academic service in New England, the Yankee conference Board of Directors established the "Robert C. Periello Merit Award".

An outstanding Sanitarian from each state may be selected annually and presented this Certificate of Merit and a savings bond in an amount approved by the Board of Directors at the Annual Yankee Conference.

The significance of this award is to acknowledge the professional achievements made by Sanitarians in the field of Environmental Health. Everyone recognizes that there are individuals working at each level of responsibility who deserve recognition for their contribution to the field of public health.


1. The sanitarian must be chosen for the award by the Board of Directors of each individual state association.
2. The nomination of the person receiving the award must be submitted to the Yankee Conference Board of directors not less than 45 days prior to the date of the Educational Conference.
3. The Sanitarian must be registered in their state where a state sanitarian Registration Act exists and be a member of the State's association.
4. The recipient must have performed a service that produced a positive benefit to the field of environmental health in their state. This service can be either a single new achievement or a continuing program of outstanding merit.
5. The Yankee conference Board of Directors must receive from the President of each State association a written description concerning the nominee including a biographical sketch and a short statement describing the nominee's accomplishment.

Year: Recipient
Year: Recipient
1971: Harold D. Rose
2000: Robert Cooper
1972: Leo H. DeCouteau
2001: Michael Moore
1973: Colin E. Cameron
2002: Steven Ward
1974: William McMenimen
2003: Patrick Maloney
1975: Walter Irvine Jr.
2004: Debra Rosati
1976: John Caning & John Grady
2005: Gerald Collins
1977: -
2006: Daniel Ottenheimer
1978: -
2007: James M. White Jr.
1979: Ernest Romano
2008: Peter M. Mirandi
1980: Steve Calichman
2009: Larry Ramdin
1981: -
2010: Gerard F. Cody
1982: William F. Hurley
2011: Gary Perlman
1983: Tom Clougherty
2012: Peter Kolodzeij
1984: Paula Champagne
2013: Jennifer Murphy
1985: Jennifer Lamb
2014: Heidi Porter
1986: Tony Vento
2015: Alan D. Perry
1987: J. David Naparstek
2016: Thomas Carbone, RS
1988: John Carr
1989: Phyllis Boucher
1990: Paul McNulty
1991: Joseph "Jay" Walsh
1992: Nancy Ellis
1993: Vartkes "Vic" K. Karian
1994: George Young
1995: Joel Hollis
1996: Gregory Ericson
1997: George Smith
1998: Terence Hayes
1999: Bradford Leach


Massachusetts Environmental Health Association – Innovation Award

This award was established in 2008 in memory and honor of George Smith RS a long time member and supporter of environmental health in Massachusetts. During his tenure as Sanitarian and Health Officer/Director in various communities in Massachusetts, Mr. Smith thrived on implementing new and progressive ways of getting the “Job Done”. During his tenure as Director of Public Health in the Town of Lexington, Mr. Smith developed the first House Hold Hazardous Materials collection day. This program is now a model for most communities throughout the commonwealth. He also developed for Lexington, the first asbestos removal permitting and inspection program as well as some of the states first tobacco control by-laws. George Smith RS is the first recipient of this award.


1. The nominee of this award can be an Individual, Association or Cooperation (from Government, Academia or Private Industry) that has demonstrated an innovative vision for implementing environmental health programs.
2. The annual award will be issued at the Massachusetts Environmental Health Associations annual meeting. The award will be awarded as a Silver Plated Paul Revere Bowl to acknowledge the first member of a Massachusetts Board of Health.

Year: Recipient
Year: Recipient
2008: George Smith
2013: Robert Beaudoin
2009: Megan Baldwin
2014: Dr. Wayne W. LaMorte
2010: Heidi Porter
2015: Robin Williams
2011: Mass PHIT - Housing Committee
2016: Annette R. Duke
2012: Dr. Wendy Haiger


Dr. Leon A. Bradley Award

This is a New England Regional NEHA affiliate award given by the Yankee Conference Board of Directors. Each New England affiliate can nominate an individual from their state whom they deem worthy of this award. This special honor, established in 1971 by the YCBD may be awarded to only one recipient (if deemed worthy) each year. The award is presented at the Yankee Conference.

Year: Recipient
Year: Recipient
1971: Leon Bradley
1994: Joseph Hock
1972: -
1995: -
1973: -
1996: -
1974: Robert Perriello
1997: William Iannucci
1975: -
1998: -
1976: Frederick Siino
1999: -
1977: -
2000: Earle Rafuse
1978: Edward DeLouise
2001: -
1979: -
2002: -
1980: -
2003: -
1981: -
2004: -
1982: -
2005: George Young
1983: Joseph "Jay' Walsh
2006: -
1984: David Wiggin
2007: Patrick Maloney
1985: -
2008: -
1986: -
2009: Michael Moore
1987: -
2010: -
1988: -
2011: Larry Ramdin
1989: -
2012: Jack Carr
1990: -
2013: Paul McNulty
1991: -
2014: -
1992: -
2015: -Steve Ward
1993: -
2016: -


Joseph "Jay" Walsh, Jr. Award

This award was established by the Massachusetts Environmental Health Association in 2013 in honor of the late Jay Walsh and appropriately named the MEHA Mentor Award. The award will be presented annually recognizing an individual who captures the spirit, energy and dedication of mentoring others in the profession of environmental health.

Year: Recipient
Year: Recipient
2013: Joseph "Jay" Walsh
2015: James M. White, Jr
2014: Pat Maloney
2016: Steve Ward