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Disaster Behavioral Health (training)

TRAINING: Disaster Behavioral Health

Many public health workers are confident in their ability to handle the physical tasks involved in responding to a disaster, but what about the psychological challenges? In this module, Dr. Randal Beaton discusses the psychological phases of a community-wide disaster, common patterns of immediate and long-term public response, mental health risks that rescue workers and victims face, signs that might indicate that a survivor needs a mental health evaluation, and the importance of local preparedness. The module bases its case studies on Washington State agencies and plans. Click here to visit training site (external link to ...


TRAINING: Psychological First Aid: Helping People Cope During Disasters and Public Health Emergencies 

This is a 90 minute self-study program on Psychological First Aid (PFA) and worker resilience. The training includes the following sections:
Program Overview
Module 1: Psychological First Aid in Disaster Response
Module 2: Core Components of Psychological First Aid
Module 3: Psychological First Aid in Practice
Program Summary
Review Questions
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TRAINING: Psychological First Aid in Radiation Disasters

This online module will present the unique psychological aspects of mass casualty radiation disasters. These require an increased need for psychological first aid knowledge in the response community. Anyone who may respond to a radiation disaster, whether as a professional or as a volunteer must have an understanding of these aspects and how to best address them.

Psychological First Aid in Radiation Disasters increases awareness of the unique psychological consequences of disasters caused by a radiological or nuclear event so that clinical and public health professionals and volunteers will be better prepared to respond radiation emergencies. Following completion of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Define radiation disasters.
2. Describe the role of public health and the health community in radiation disasters.
3. Distinguish the unique psychological effects of radiation disasters.
4. Define skills and techniques used when performing Psychological First Aid in radiation disasters.

Psychological First Aid in Radiation Disasters is a self-study training that uses interviews conducted with experts involved in the Goiania and Three Mile Island incidents, and video scenarios that allow participants to observe how psychological first aid techniques can be employed in a variety of response settings.

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TRAINING: Psychological Issues Following Disasters

This online seminar provides an overview of the psychological impact that disasters have on communities and responders. The role of disaster trauma-response teams are outlined and strategies for collaboration among responding disciplines are discussed. Click here to visit training site (external link to ...

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